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Crushed Rock & Toppings

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Crushed Rock & Toppings

With our crushed rock and topping options, we are sure to have the right product for your landscaping projects. From driveways and pathways, to drainage and base rock.

The most common rock used for a driveway is our Class 3 20mm Crushed Rock, because it compacts nice and firm and has a neat finish. More commonly used for pathways is the 5mm Dust in either grey or brown, because it still compacts firmly, although it’s a lot better to walk on. Other toppings also work well with a firm base!

If you’re looking for drainage, you can either use 20mm Scoria, 20mm Screenings, even 14mm screenings. Anything loose should let water drain through, although, the bigger the rock, the more drainage you will have!

  • C3 20mm Crushed Rock: 20mm crushed rock perfect for bases and driveways
  • Crushed Concrete: Recycled Concrete (20mm)
  • Brown Crushed Rock (20mm)
  • Tuscan Toppings (14mm)
  • Tuscan Screenings (20mm)
  • Dromana Toppings (10mm)
  • Grey Dust (5mm)
  • Brown Dust (5mm)
  • Brown Screenings (7-10m)
  • Brown Screenings (14mm)
  • Scoria (7mm)
  • Scoria (20mm)
  • 20mm Screenings (grey)
  • 14mm Screenings (grey)
  • 7mm Screenings (grey)

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We serve not only the Mornington Peninsula but also Bayside and the South Eastern Region. Should you have any garden supply or landscaping needs within this region, you know where to turn for the very best service around.

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Our products are from third party sources and some may contain small traces of contamination. Somerville Garden Supplies does not accept liability for any colour variation/contamination and/or cost associated with detection and/or removal of any such contamination/variation